Brass Sampling Cans

For heavy crude and heavy fuel oil, lubricating oils, heavy gas oils and non-transparent. Opening Ø38 mm.


Methods of Sampling Petroleum and Petroleum Products

ASTM D4057

Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products
This practice covers procedures and equipment for manually obtaining samples of liquid petroleum and petroleum products, crude oils, and intermediate products from the sample point into the primary container are described. Procedures are also included for the sampling of free water and other heavy components associated with petroleum and petroleum products.

DIN 51750

Sampling of petroleum products

IP 51

Sampling Cylinders

ISO 3170

Petroleum liquids -- Manual sampling
ISO 3170:2004 specifies the manual methods to be used for obtaining samples of liquid or semi-liquid hydrocarbons, tank residues and deposits from fixed tanks, railcars, road vehicles, ships and barges, drums and cans, or from liquids being pumped in pipelines.
ISO 3170:2004 applies to the sampling of petroleum products, crude oils and intermediate products, which are stored in tanks at or near atmospheric pressure, or transferred by pipelines, and are handled as liquids at temperatures from near ambient up to 200 degrees Celsius.
The sampling procedures specified are not intended for the sampling of special petroleum products which are the subject of other International Standards, such as electrical insulating oils (IEC 60475), liquefied petroleum gases (ISO 4257), liquefied natural gases (ISO 8943) and gaseous natural gases (ISO 10715).



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